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2020 Vision

Glasses parked on my face like a Buick when I was about 17. Sight was, apparently, JUST the “minor” detail needed to decipher the board in French class and improve my GPA enough to mean something in an earnest appeal to colleges. The past may be what’s fuzzy now but, to my recollection, it wasn’t vanity that kept the spectacle of spectacles off my face (in order to save it.) It was firm focus on the future, at the expense of experiencing today.

Today is the final day of 2019, September's inaugural year, and it’s fitting to spend the last hours of it – of this decade, in fact - in thanks. We’re grateful September’s mission to partner with purpose-driven companies and organizations, to strengthen their message to the communities they serve, was realized. From our offices in Honolulu and Los Angeles, our work reached partners all over the country to impact stakeholders all over the world.

We always start with a question: What’s your story? The answers from our partners this year were breathtaking, expansive, and inspiring. From you, we heard:

We combat breast cancer and build awareness to save lives.

We fight for political and economic parity for women and their families.

We bring urgency to the siren calls of climate change and energy conservation, so that citizens to stay informed and energized to act.

We deliver community leadership workshops, to foster communication where it counts most.

We raise crucial, lifesaving funds for stateless refugee communities confined to camps for generations.

We are proud of our sustainable sourcing.

We are proud of our corporate culture.

We're committed to excellence and improving the lives and livelihoods of everyone we touch, our employees, consumers, communities and families.

As individuals, or organizations, we can squint needlessly through years, or at least entire class periods, ignoring the pressing needs of now because we’re too busy preparing for the next important thing – the test, the final, the bonus, the birth, the presentation, the acquisition, the election, the [insert presumably life-altering event.] Constant motion can be confused with accomplishment, so taking a moment to pause for gratitude (and maybe an eye exam if something seems off) can reveal what's actually needed, reality. Spoiler alert: Reality usually reflects that everything is ultimately ok, and the next right move is even more obvious and natural than we think.

Can foresight be 20/20? It’s worth trying on a new pair of metaphysical glasses, by staying in the now so that we can find out.

To our partners and friends, enjoy this decade's last hours! Don’t overthink, don’t be over-served or overwhelmed. Tend to this moment, now, and you take care of all the rest.

Together, we can assemble a whole year of them. 2020.

Happy New Year,

September LLC

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